Zatvori Otvori


Travel is characteristic to all living beings. Even the tiniest plant seed travels, blown by the wind or carried by an animal to its new habitat, animals migrate from one place to another in search of food, water or their former habitation… The winds and waters travel, and light travels…. Man too travels.
But the travels and journeys of humankind are different from those set by the life force common to all living beings, for people travel so as, by observing the world and learning more of it, to find out more about themselves. People set out in order to come back. Become acquainted with the world abroad to know themselves. The whole world is to man an open book that has no ending, in which there is always something interesting, necessary and desirable to be found.
It is our hope that on your travels around this part of the blue planet you will become familiar with people whose lives and works have left a lasting stamp, visible to those who know something of them.

Dear guests and friends,
All the persons after whom our rooms are named are travelling from their time to eternity, for they have left a trace that is recognisable beneath this sky and on these shores, they travel and, in this way or that, are linked with words and writing.
In a city with a millennial history, with a surrounding that is much older than the city itself even, it was hard to choose just eight persons, and there is much more to know about all of them than is given here. At the end, in the eight rooms you will get to known nine persons, for we could not and did not want to separate a celebrated pair of lovers in Split, whose names are borne by one of the rooms.
We were guided by the wish that you might find out a little about the people, the men and the women, to whom just a word or two will be devoted in the tourist guides, for a single human life is too short get to know all the famous people who lived and created in Split and environs.

A second wish of ours was to introduce you to people from different eras. And a third desire was to give you a hint to search out the hidden nooks, by legend or historical facts, connected with these persons and so to take with you a little of the soul of this city: the fragrance and murmuring of the pines and the sea, the colour of the sky and a pebble or two from the beach, as well as the invaluable and lasting blessing of knowledge and general culture – memories that will enhance the time in front of you.

  • Empress Aelia Galla Placidia, with whom we can link the conversion of the Small Temple (most often called Jupiter’s) into a Christian church, dedicated to St John, which turned in the early Middle Ages into the baptistery of Split Cathedral.
  • Kolafisa a one-time duchess, wife of the mighty duke of Split, Ivan Cetinski Frankopan, whose donations made possible the building of the campanile of the cathedral.
  • Prisca, wife of Emperor Diocletian.
  • Roko and Cicibela, an uncommon pair of lovers who in their time excited the attention of the tourists of the period and numerous literary works.
  • Queen Helen,medieval queen from the time of the Croatian national rulers, woman who in spite of her royal status was “mother of the orphans”, or in today’s terms, a woman who gave much to charity.
  • Marko Marulić - Humanist, the father of Croatian literature, the precursor of the celebrated Renaissance artists of Croatia
  • Vid Morpurgo, - man whose great-grandparents were newcomers in Split, while he dedicated the whole of his life and wealth to this magical city and its inhabitants
  • Ivan Meštrović, - a highly versatile artist as well as controversial individual, the creator of several unforgettable and impressive sculptures (see his statue of Marko Marulić on Voćni trg – the Fruit Square) and of poetically refined reliefs (see those in Split’s Kaštelet).