Zatvori Otvori


(13th century)

Kolafisa (meaning Little Dove) was the wife of the mighty Split duke, Ivan Centinski Frankopan. Her name was recorded on a now vanished Latin epitaph of 1257 over a relief with the depiction of the Nativity on the campanile of the cathedral.

By all accounts she was one of the donors who contributed to the building of the tower, while local tradition also credits her with having built the lovely pulpits (from the very same years) in the cathedral.

The epitaph said that for the peace of the soul of her husband Kolafisa had given 100 romani (Colapiza uxor domini Ioannis Spalatinorum comitis pro anima viri sui iam defuncti in hac opera centum Romanatos exposuit. Anno domini MCCLVII) – a vast amount of gold coins named after Byzantine Emperor Romanos III Argyros (1028-1034), coins that were still in circulation two centuries later.

To the right of the main portal, on a column that supports the vaulted terrace between the cathedral and the bell tower is a capital on which in the middle of the same century, the 13th, a richly clad female figure was carved, with a wreathed head and braids of hair let down over her shoulder as a sign of mourning. It has been hypothesised to represent the benefactress of the bell tower - Duchess Kolafisa